Report an Issue

What would you like to report?

There are several ways to report an issue, you can either:

  • Fill in the relevant online form by choosing from the options listed below
  • Phone our customer service team on 03 5391 4444; or
  • Email us on


Customer Action Request

Need to report something about a Council road, street, drain, footpath, nature strip, bridge, tree or something similar that needs maintenace work?

Unsure if it’s a VicRoads road or Council Road? Check on our infrastructure services page.

Please click > Customer Action Request

Local Laws Request

Have a traffic matter, animal/s, litter or local law issue to report?

Please click > Local Laws Request

Environmental Health Request

Including foodborne illness and unsafe food, dust, noise, smoke and odour issues, mosquitoes and other pest or any other general health complaint?

Please click > Environmental Health Request

Building Investigation Request

Report an issue relating to a Council building or building hazard on private property that Council needs to investigate.

Please click > Building Investigation Request

Complaints Handling Procedure

If you are not satisfied with a decision that's been made by Council or Council staff, please follow the Complaints Handling Procedure to escalate your concern.

Please click > Complaints Handling Procedure


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