bushfire place of last resort

A Neighbourhood Safer Place - Bushfire Place of Last Resort (NSP-BPLR) is not a community fire refuge or emergency relief centre. NSP-BPLRs are places of last resort during the passage of a bushfire, and are intended to be used by persons whose primary bushfire plans have failed.

NSP-BPLRs are places of relative safety only. They do not guarantee the survival of those who assemble there. There may also be serious risks to safety encountered in travelling to NSP-BPLRs during a bushfire.

Depending on the position and direction of a bushfire, a designated NSP-BPLR may not be safer than other locations within the area.

The following are designated places of last resort within the Hindmarsh Municipality:

 Location Address
Dimboola Bicentennial Community Park
Between Carpark and High Street
Corner High Street (Dimboola-Rainbow Road) and Lloyd Street Dimboola
Jeparit Skate Park and Playground Area  Corner of Broadway and Edith Street Jeparit
Nhill Davis Park Recreation Reserve
South east quarter of Oval
Bounded by Davis Avenue, Park Street, King Street and Fraser Street Nhill. Entry off Davis Avenue
Rainbow Federal Street
Footpath area outside MECCA building
Corner of Federal Street and Butter Factory Lane Rainbow


For further information on NSP-BPLRs please visit the CFA Website