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Building or extending? Planning a larger development, or simply interested in planning in Hindmarsh?



The Building Department of Hindmarsh Shire Council issues many different Building Permits for building and construction activities

Common Building Permits:

  • Building Permits – new works, commercial and domestic;
  • Building permits – alterations/additions to existing buildings;
  • Demolition Permits; and,
  • Occupancy Permits.

Other Permits:

  • Siting approval for temporary structures;
  • Change of use/classification;
  • Temporary Occupancy Permits; and,
  • Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) Permits.
  • You can download application forms (links below).

For more information regarding Building Permits and Building Control click here

For more information about Permits issued for building and construction by Hindmarsh Shire Council, contact us on 03 5391 4444.

How to apply for a Building Permit:

You can lodge your application for a Building Permit at any of our Customer Service Centers at Nhill, Dimboola, Rainbow or Jeparit or by post.

You will need to:

Complete a Building Permit application form click here.

Provide documents and plans to support the application. These include –

  • Land title.
  • Owner Builder Consent from the VBA (Victoria Building Association) if the cost of works is greater than $12,000 and you intend to carry out the works yourself.
  • Domestic builders warranty insurance certificate for projects with a cost of works greater than $16,000 (n/a for owner builders).
  • Prepare 3 copies of each of the following drawings (to a scale of not less than 1:100) that shows:
  • An allotment plan showing the location of the proposed building, any other buildings on the property, the property boundaries any buildings on the adjoining properties and intended use for stormwater runoff;
  • Any streets, footpaths or crossings adjoining the allotment;
  • Structural drawings of the proposed structure;
  • Elevation drawings;
  • A floorplan showing downpipe positions; and,
  • Specifications.
  • Make payment for this application.

(You can lodge your application and make payment at any of our conveniently located Customer Service Centers. Payment can be made using cash, cheque, or credit/debit card at the Nhill office).

Please note: the amount of information required to accompany a Building Permit application varies from project to project. Council many request that more information be provided to provide a full application assessment.

Alternatively you can mail your application and the documents supporting the application to:

The Building Department
Hindmarsh Shire Council
92 Nelson Street
Nhill, VIC 3418


What you need to know about planning

Statutory Planning is the assessment of planning permit applications in light of the Hindmarsh Planning Scheme.

Planning applications may relate to the future use or development of land. They include many types of proposals, ranging from houses, signs, farm sheds and shops to abattoirs or warehouses.

The Hindmarsh Planning Scheme is a State Government document, administered by Council, which consists of:

The Municipal Strategic Statement, which outlines the characteristics of the Shire; Local Planning Policies, which provide clear direction on the application of zones and overlays throughout the Shire; Zones, which provide direction on how land may be used and the type of development that may occur; Overlays, which are similar to zones, except they govern the type of development that may occur on the land and are used to respond to localised issues such as "Land Subject to Inundation" or "Vegetation Protection"; and Particular Provisions, which govern particular uses and developments such as car parking and liquor licences.

All land throughout the Shire is grouped within zones and may be the subject of a number overlays. A Planning Permit may be needed due to the requirements of zones, overlays or a particular provision. During the assessment of a Planning Permit application, the Town Planner assesses the application in light of these requirements. While the assessment process is the same for all Planning Permit applications, different proposals will need to include different information in order to satisfy these requirements and to address the relevant decision guidelines. As such, it is recommended that you contact the Town Planner to discuss your proposal prior to submitting an application.

The Planning Department

Hindmarsh Shire Council
92 Nelson Street
Nhill, VIC 3418

03 5391 4444


PRIVACY WARNING: If making an objection, do not include private and confidential information as objections are available for public scrutiny and will be available electronically and will be published on the Shire website. Any person may inspect an objection. The applicant will be forwarded a copy of all objections.


Please click on the link below to visit the Victorian Planning Scheme website for further planning information relevant to Hindmarsh Shire Council.

Hindmarsh Planning Scheme