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What's New 2011

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2011/2012 Revised Budget
Climate Change Adaption Flyer
Flood Assistance List Update
Twigg Family Appeal
Community Grants 2011-2012
Nhill Town Committee Annual General Meeting
Hearing assistive equipment
2nd Hand Computer Sale for Non-Profit Organisations
Wimmera Youth and Community Mobile Centre Grants
NOTICE OF REVISED COUNCIL PLAN 2011/2015 FOR CONSULTATION Council adopted a revised Council Plan for consultation with the community at its meeting on 6 July 2011. The Hindmarsh Shire’s revised Council Plan details the Council’s objectives, strategies and indicators for the next four years. The Plan takes into account the community plans for each town and is reviewed every year. The revised Plan for 2011 – 2015 is now available from Council’s Offices in Nhill, Dimboola, Jeparit and Rainbow
Special Council Meeting 3 August 2011
Hindmarsh Landcare Molescan Adelaide Trip on 5 August 2011
Hindmarsh Shire Council Budget 2011 - 2012
Special Council Meeting
Round, Round, get around delivering Meals on Wheels
Wimmera Uniting Care Recent Media Release - Wimmera UnitingCare has linked with two major support networks to assist flood-affected residents in three Wimmera municipalities.
Hindmarsh Shire Council February 2011 Newsletter
Hindmarsh Flood Thank You
Wimmera Mallee Tourism Interim Stategy
Community Meetings Jeparit and Dimboola
Dimboola Weir
Short Term Volunteer Register
Financial assistance for flood victims
SES Community Meeting Jeparit 20 January 2011
SES Community Meeting Dimboola 18 January 2011


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